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Gastric Balloon

Gastric Ballon application drawing. There is a human shade and stomach with ballon in it.


Gastric balloon is made of silicone or polyurethane material, placed in the stomach as deflated and then inflated with sterile liquid. It is used for the obesity treatments. Balloon application is not a surgical intervention, but some gastric balloons are placed and removed by endoscopy under anesthesia, depending on the type of balloon.

The mechanism of the gastric balloon is to create a constant feeling of fullness by occupying space in the stomach, thus enabling the patient to lose weight with less food consumption at each meal. Studies on this subject started in the 1980s. Swallowable gastric balloons, which do not require endoscopy and anesthesia, are also used.

When we consider obesity as a common disease of the modern age, gastric balloon applications are a frequently preferred curing method in the treatment of overweight and obesity, especially by individuals who are inconvenient to receive anesthesia or who do not want a surgical procedure.

Gastric balloons stay in the stomach for 4-12 months, depending on their types. With the feeling of satiety during this period, it makes easier for the person to follow his/her diet by limiting food intake. Nutritional style and eating habits change, and after the balloon takes out of the stomach, the person maintains these habits and maintains his ideal weight

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Gastric balloons all have the same basic mechanism of action. However, the method of application can be varied according to features such as the duration of stay in the stomach, whether it is adjustable or not.

Fixed volume balloons

Fixed volume balloons are inflated 400-600ml during the first insertion and their volume is not changed afterwards. They stay in the stomach for 6 months. At the end of the 6-month period, it is removed again with sedation and endoscopy. Medsil™ Balloon is an example of these balloons.

medsil balloon picture

There is no need for any endoscopy procedure for the swallowable gastric balloon (Allurion Balloon) of the fixed-volume balloons. The valve on the balloon is opened itself at the end of 4 months, and the balloon deflates and is expelled spontaneously through the intestine. Re-endoscopy is not required for removal.

elipse balon resmi

You can find detailed information about the Elipse balloon in the swallowable gastric balloon section.


Adjustable Gastric Balloon

spatz balon resmi

The difference of the adjustable gastric balloon from the fixed volume gastric balloon is that its volume can be adjusted according to the need while the balloon is in the stomach. This type of balloons are inflated 400-500 ml like fixed volume balloons after placing them in the stomach.

In the next process, the amount of liquid can be increased or decreased from the filling tip, which is located at the tip of the balloon , depending on the patient’s weight loss status. Spatz 3 adjustable balloons are examples of these balloons.

Except for the Allurion  swallowable Elipse gastric balloon, the patient is put to sleep with the sedation method during the placement of the gastric balloons into the stomach. Sedation is a lighter than general anesthesia in which the patient is asleep. There is no need for auxiliary equipment for breathing. Therefore, it should not be confused with general anesthesia. The risk is much less.

However, it is possible to classify gastric balloons into 2 according to the way of application:

Endoscopic gastric balloons

Gastric balloon placement process is explained with pictures and explanations.

Endoscopy is used for some of the fixed volume balloons or during the placement/administration of the adjustable gastric balloon. Before the endoscopy application, the patient is anesthetized with light sedation. The balloon is inflated by placing it in the stomach in a deflated state.

Likewise, endoscopy is used for removal after the treatment period. At the end of 6-12 months, the balloon is removed from the stomach at a second appointment, again under sedation, by endoscopy.

Examples of endoscopic gastric balloons are the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon and the Medsil and Bariglobe fixed volume balloon.

Swallowable gastric balloon

Elipse balon nasıl takılır şema ile anlatım resmi

The difference of the swallowable gastric balloon from the endoscopic gastric balloon is that it is applied by inflating an swallowable capsule and the catheter attached to the capsule by swallowing water, without the need for endoscopy and anesthesia. The balloon remains in the stomach for 16 weeks. The special valve on it opens at the end of this period and the liquid inside is discharged. The deflated balloon is naturally expelled in the toilet. It does not need to be removed again.

The only balloon in the world that is swallowed and does not need to be removed was developed by the company Allurion USA. Allurion Center of Excellence clinic makes the Allurion Center of Excellence clinic by licensing the clinics that perform the Allurion balloon application in a safe and healthy manner according to the criteria determined by the company and that comply with many criteria such as follow-up after the application.

Mide balonu ile zayıflamış bir kadının kilolu ve zayıf hali karşı karşıya birbirine bakıyor


Gastric balloon is an obesity treatment method that has been used for a long time, in which 10 to 15% of their weight can be lost in 4-6 months. It can be applied to individuals with a body mass index of 27 and above, between the ages of 18-70, who have not had bariatric surgery before. In addition, gastric balloon is an alternative treatment method for those who do not want to have a surgical operation (like gastric sleeve) or have a disease to prevent to get anesthesia (swallowable gastric balloon).

It is very important for patients to maintain their eating habits acquired with gastric balloon in the future. Thus, they will not regain the weight they lost.


Gastric balloon is not suitable in some cases. First of these situations are gastric ulcer reflux and large gastric hernia. In addition, gastric balloon application is not suitable for patients who have had bariatric surgery before, pregnants, or who want to become pregnant, who are addicted to alcohol, who have psychological disorders and who have problems in the esophagus and esophagus.



As mentioned, the gastric balloon is a deflated flexible material made of silicone or polyurethane material. In an uninflated state, it is inserted through the mouth and esophagus (depending on the type of balloon selected) into the stomach with the help of a thin flexible tube with a camera and light, called endoscopy.
mide balonu yerleştirme resmi

In the meantime, light sedation is applied so that the patient does not feel any pain. If endoscopy and sedation are to be performed for the insertion of the balloon into the stomach, an anesthesiologist is also present during the application.

Sedation or endoscopy is not required for the Allurion ellipse gastric balloon, which has been developed with technological advances.

Before the deflated balloon is placed in the stomach, the condition of the stomach is checked by endoscopy whether it is suitable for the balloon. No food should be consumed for the last 6 hours before the balloon is placed.

After the balloon is placed in the stomach, the balloon is inflated with 400-600 ml of isotonic sterile saline to become approximately the size of a grapefruit. The volume of an average stomach is around 1-1.5 liters. Gastric balloons can be filled up to 800 ml, but how much the balloon will be inflated is decided by the doctor considering some criteria.

The color of the water is methylene blue. Thus, if there is a hole or leak in the balloon, your urine will turn blue. In this case, consult your doctor immediately to have the balloon removed. It will be removed from the stomach by endoscopy.

The total processing time is as short as 30 minutes.


The advantages of gastric balloon are

  • It can be fitted in a very short time under hospital conditions.
  • After the gastric balloon application, the person can return to his normal life without the need for hospitalization.
  • It is very easy and painless to apply.
  • It can be removed whenever the patient wants.


It should be noted that you will have cramping, nausea and vomiting during the your stomach will try to digest the gastric balloon, but because it is indigestible,  these symptoms last 3 to 7 days, varying from person to person, and then disappear. Your doctor will prescribe the necessary medicines so that you can get through this process easily.

It should not be forgotten that the gastric balloon is a start for  losing weight. It is very important that you maintain this by making changes in your lifestyle and eating habits in the next steps. You will need to follow the diet given to you and turn it into a eating habit in the future.

It is normal to feel discomfort such as nausea immediately after the gastric balloon is inserted. This may take a few days or up to a week. Depending on the severity of these ailments, your doctor will prescribe medication.

In the first two weeks, most patients state that they feel completely full. Some patients may experience nausea after eating a meal. Significant weight loss is seen in this 2 week period.

In 3-6 weeks, the appetite is gradually restored, but it can be satisfied with very little food. You should eat slowly. Meals should be scheduled and deliberate. Complaints such as hiccups, stomach reflux and nausea are usually seen when eating fast and a lot.

7.-12. weeks weight loss continues. However, it is less than the first 6 weeks. In this period, it is important to continue to make efforts to establish diet and exercise methods as a lifestyle for weight loss.


  • Reflux can be seen after gastric balloon.
  • Nausea and vomiting may occur in the first 3-7 days.
  • Stomach cramps may occur in the early stages.
  • Gastric balloon is temporary. After removal, you need to maintain the nutritional habits and lifestyle that you gained life. If you do not follow your diet, it is likely to gain weight again.
  • The amount of weight lost is less than surgical methods (like gastric sleeve).
  • In very rare cases, it can cause stomach ulcers.


Gastric balloon application was investigated and started to be applied in the 1980s. Until today, materials and application technology have been developed and the damages that may occur during and after the application have been tried to be eliminated.

Of course, as in many medical operations, some damage may occur in this application, although it is very rare. For example, during the application of the endoscopic gastric balloon, the esophagus or the stomach may be damaged, which may cause discomfort such as ulcers. Or, if the balloon is rarely deflated, intestinal obstruction may occur.


The risks of the application and the complications that may occur after the application are the subjects that our patients want to know the most. Therefore, in order to deal with this issue separately, you can review our article on this subject on this page.

It would be correct to divide gastric balloon risks and complications into 3 main groups. The first and the most common complications are seen within the first week after the application. The risks of complications that may be experienced in the future are rarely seen. Complications requiring immediate intervention are almost nonexistent.

Complication risks that can be seen in the first period can be counted as nausea and vomiting, stomach cramps and weakness. For this reason, early removal may occur.

In later periods, bloating, heartburn and reflux, decreased stool and bowel movements, foul-smelling burping can be seen.

Situations that require emergency intervention occur due to the deflating of the balloon in the stomach, albeit very rarely. In this case, the blue colored liquid in the endoscopic gastric balloon mixes with the urine and stool, allowing early detection and thus intervention.


Changing your diet and eating habits after gastric balloon is important for healthy weight loss. In addition to the detailed diet program given by the dietitian, some rules to be followed are as follows:

– During this period, a balanced diet rich in protein should be adopted and made a habit.
– The time between meals should not be too long.
– You can slice fruit into your yogurt during periods when you want too much sweet. You can add cinnamon to your milk. These will suppress your sweet cravings as they balance your blood sugar.
– Make sure that the foods you eat are high in protein and without added sugar.
– You should extend your eating time as much as possible. You should chew your food as much as possible.
– You should not consume liquids during meals. You should stop fluid consumption half an hour before meals and wait half an hour after meals.
– If you have problems with the tolerance of any solid food, you should leave that food for a while and give your stomach time.
– As a cooking method, less oily and healthy steaming, boiling, grilling, baking methods should be preferred.
– You should avoid spicy and salty foods so that they do not disturb your stomach.
– You should stay away from sugary, carbonated and carbonated drinks (cola, soda, soda, etc.).
– You should prefer decaffeinated, sugar-free and calorie-free beverages.
– Protein should be a priority at every meal. Fruit should be your last choice.
– You should avoid alcohol consumption.
– You should be careful to drink 1-1.5 liters of water.


Kadın bir ayağını tartıya koymuş.Losing weight depends on many factors such as change in diet, calorie balance, exercise, basal metabolic rate, genetics, body mass index. Any obesity treatment (such as sleeve gastrectomy or gastric balloon) is the first step towards losing weight and reaching the ideal weight. These treatments make it very easy for the patient especially to change their eating habits. After the treatment, it is absolutely necessary to change the lifestyle or eliminate the causes of excessive weight gain. Therefore, the success rate varies from person to person.

This value varies between 10kg and 76 kg in more than 1000 gastric balloon applications in our clinic.

In some cases, the patient returns to his old habits and can regain the weight lost after 1-2 years. It is important to maintain the habits gained in the process after gastric balloon treatment throughout life.


Gastric balloon prices may vary in 2023 due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. It varies, like the prices of many imported products in our country. The price of the gastric balloon, which is directly affected by changes in the exchange rate, also depends on the hospital where it is applied.

The costs of gastric balloon prices in dollar  in Turkiye and in the world are as follows:

Türkiye: 1,300-2,600 USD

Germany: 3,500-5,000 USD

France: 3,500-5,000 USD

USA: 4,500-8,150 USD

You can contact us for the current gastric balloon application price and quality service. More than 1000 gastric balloon applications have been performed in our clinic.

Within this range of applications, an average of 19% weight loss was achieved.

How many kilos have our patients lost with gastric balloon, what kind of process did they go through, what are the comments of those who had gastric balloon?

You can find the thoughts of our patients, we applied gastric balloon, about the process and after, on our related page.


We can separate the types of gastric balloons as fixed volume and adjustable. Fixed volume balloons can be swallowed and are divided into 2 endoscopically.

Fixed volume balloons are inflated 400-600ml during insertion and remain at the same volume until removed. Medsil is an example of endoscopic fixed volume balloons. The swallowable gastric balloon has a fixed volume.

Adjustable balloons, on the other hand, can be inflated and reduced in volume thanks to the special tip at the balloon tip. Endoscopy is also required for this procedure. An example of these balloons is the Spatz 3 balloon.

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon is a method that is widely used in the world for the treatment of obesity or for people who are overweight at the border of obesity to lose weight. It does not require surgery. The balloon made of silicone material is inflated with sterile water in the stomach by endoscopic methods or by swallowing only with water. The balloon occupies space during its stay in the stomach, reducing the stomach volume and providing continuous satiety. It allows the person to lose weight by reducing the amount of food intake and transitively.

The swallowable gastric balloon, unlike the endoscopic gastric balloon, is a type of balloon that does not require anesthesia and endoscopy, which is applied by swallowing a swallowable capsule and the catheter attached to its tip with water. It has been developed only by Allurion company in the world. It does not need to be removed. At the end of 16 weeks, it goes out by itself.

Gastric balloons, also called gastric balloons, are made of material that will not be affected by the stomach environment. At the same time, it is designed in such a way that it does not harm the stomach during its stay in the stomach. However, in studies conducted during the time the balloon is in the stomach, it is seen that it causes stomach disorders at lower rates compared to the balloon type. You can review our article on gastric balloon risks and side effects.

Gastric balloons are placed in the stomach by specialist physicians in hospital conditions, under light sedation (light anesthesia), deflated from the mouth and esophagus by endoscopy. Then, sterile blue liquid is filled with a catheter in the stomach and inflated. After the catheter is withdrawn, the insertion process is completed.

The swallowable gastric balloon does not require anesthesia and endoscopy. In the clinical setting, the capsule is swallowed. It is inflated with a special liquid after it is checked by x-ray that it is in the proper position in the stomach.

Gastric balloons, endoscopic ones, are filled with sterile water colored blue. If the balloon has a slight chance of bursting, the urine color will turn blue. In this case, it must be removed by endoscopy.

Swallowable gastric balloons are inflated with colorless sterile liquid. If the balloon bursts, it does not need to be removed, as the balloon will be expelled from the intestines.

Medsil, a fixed volume balloon from gastric balloons, stays in the stomach for 6 months. Then, the fluid inside is removed by endoscopy. The swallowable gastric balloon is not removed. At the end of 16 weeks, the special valve on it opens and deflates and is excreted from the intestines. No repeat endoscopy is required.

Many patients resume their normal lives a day or two after the balloon is placed in the stomach. Sometimes, however, complaints such as nausea, stomach cramps or vomiting may last for a long time in patients. If such a situation occurs, your doctor will prescribe medication for you to get over it easily.

In about 4 months, patients lose 10-15% of their body weight. They continue to lose weight in the future. Studies have shown that the most effective period for weight loss is the first 6 months.

It can be applied to individuals with a body mass index of 27 and above, between the ages of 18-70, who have not had bariatric surgery before. In addition, gastric balloon is an alternative treatment method for those who do not want to have a surgical operation for those who have an inconvenient disease (swallowable gastric balloon). It can also be applied to individuals under the age of 18 under certain conditions.

However, it is very important to change and protect the nutrition and lifestyle that the person will continue with the balloon in the future so that the weight lost with the gastric balloon is not regained in the future.

The mechanism of action of gastric balloons is the same. The 6-month balloon volume is fixed and cannot be adjusted. It should be removed after 6 months. It is claimed that the most effective period of weight loss with the gastric balloon is the first 6 months. The 12-month balloon is an adjustable balloon. If necessary, the volume can be increased or decreased by endoscopy. Although it is claimed that the 12-month balloon will be more effective in changing lifestyle in terms of nutrition and exercise, it will not be meaningful if it cannot be performed at the end of 6 months. In addition, there is a situation where the endoscopic gastric balloon cannot be tolerated by the patient. Although this rate is around 5% (1% in swallowable gastric balloon), the 6-month balloon will cost less in case of early removal.

Remember that the gastric balloon application is a start to weight loss. The balloon is helpful for diet and lifestyle changes. Those who have a gastric balloon usually state that they always feel full for the first 2-3 weeks. Thus, they do not have difficulty in complying with the diet to be applied by the dietitian. In the next period, it is necessary to return the diet to the lifestyle. The aim is to maintain their ideal weight by continuing with this lifestyle after the gastric balloon is removed.

After the balloon is placed in the stomach, the stomach will try to digest the balloon, but because it cannot digest it, some side effects may be seen. These side effects, which are seen during the habituation period, usually disappear completely in 3-7 days. However, depending on the person, there may be a desire to remove the balloon early. This rate is around 2-3% in our patients.

Since the material of the swallowable gastric balloon is different, its surface is smooth and thin. Therefore, these effects are much less common.

Some patients may experience nausea, abdominal cramps and, rarely, vomiting. Often, these symptoms can be controlled with commonly used medications.

For endoscopic gastric balloons, complaints such as reflux, intestinal obstruction by deflating the balloon or gastritis and ulcer have been seen in worldwide studies. Although these rates are low, it should be known that such a possibility exists. Therefore, before the balloon is inserted, existing stomach disorders are checked, especially with endoscopy.

You can review our article on gastric balloon risks and side effects.

Endoscopic balloon application takes approximately 30 minutes. in progress. During this procedure, the patient cannot feel any pain as he is asleep.

There is no anesthesia in the swallowable gastric balloon. The patient swallows the swallowable capsule with water. there is no cause of pain.

Gastric balloons are used only in one application.

You and your doctor decide whether the most suitable method for you in the treatment of obesity or in your journey to lose excess weight is the gastric balloon and which type of balloon can be used. Since anesthesia will be taken on the application day and the stomach will be checked, it is necessary to fast for at least 6 hours.

After the doctor confirms that there is no harm in taking anesthesia, it is checked whether there is an existing disease in the stomach under anesthesia. If there is no harm in placing the balloon, the balloon is placed in the stomach in a deflated state. It is then inflated to the appropriate volume.

In the swallowable gastric balloon, general gastric protective drugs should be used 1 week in advance. The application is performed in a clinical setting where imaging can be performed after 1 week.

The capsule containing the deflated balloon (gastric balloon pill) is swallowed with the help of water, together with a thin filling thread. After confirming that the capsule is in your stomach with the fluoroscope x-ray device, the balloon is filled with 550 ml of water through the thin filling thread. A second X-ray is taken to ensure that the balloon is properly filled in the stomach. The insertion process is performed in 15 minutes without endoscopy and anesthesia, which does not require hospitalization.

Gastric balloon prices depend on the type of balloon, the hospital where it is administered, and current exchange rates.

The cost range is between 1.300-2.500 USD in Turkiye, depend on balloon brand and application fees.

Therefore, you can contact us for current balloon prices.

The gastric balloon application has less risk than other surgeries during its use, which can be called almost risk-free. Although it is very rare, there are risks such as damage to the esophagus and stomach during endoscopy, and intestinal obstruction in case of ulcer or balloon deflating. You can read our article on the subject here. Anesthesia is a state of mild sedation, not general anesthesia.

Mide balonu patlaması neredeyse yok denecek kadar düşük bir ihtimal olsa da patlaması durumunda bağırsaklarda tıkanmaya neden olabilir. Bu durum acil müdahale gerektiren bir durumdur. Patlaması veya sızdırması durumunun fark edilmesi için balonu içi mavi steril sıvı ile doldurulur. İdrarda veya dışkıda mavi renk görülmesi durumunda derhal doktora başvurulması önemlidir. 

Gastric balloon application is not covered by SSI and the state.

Depending on the type of gastric balloon, it must be removed after a certain period of time. When this period is exceeded, the risk of complications from the gastric balloon will increase. It can cause gastric ulcer or leaky intestinal obstruction.

If the swallowable gastric balloon is Allurion, it does not need to be removed. At the end of 16 weeks, it extinguishes by itself and is excreted through the intestine.

There is no pain after the gastric balloon is removed. You can return to normal life.

Sports can be started 1 week after the application. There are no restrictions on the sports to be done.

Gastric balloon is not appropriate treatment in some cases. At the beginning of these situations, reasons such as gastric ulcer reflux, large gastric hernia come. In addition, gastric balloon application is not suitable for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery, pregnant or those who want to become pregnant, alcohol addicts, psychological disorders, and those who have problems in the esophagus and esophagus.

It can be applied from the age of 13 with the approval of the pediatrician, child psychiatry and pediatric endocrine units. Under normal conditions, it can be applied over the age of 18.

Gastric balloon application is an application that will help you in losing weight. It helps you reduce your food consumption, which is the most basic rule in losing weight by taking up space in the stomach. Thus, you can lose weight by changing your diet.

Much better results are obtained if exercise is done in addition to diet. Giving up habits can sometimes be a difficult and long process. Gastric balloon application aims to ensure that your lifestyle is permanent by providing this.

After the gastric balloon is removed, you will already be used to your new lifestyle. However, sometimes it is possible to return to old habits. This situation can be seen in any obesity treatment method (such as gastric sleeve surgery). In such a case, weight gain may occur again.

You can see general surgery and gastroenterology specialists for gastric balloon application.

In order to lose weight effectively with gastric balloon application, it is necessary to comply with the diet and lifestyle changes given after the application. Our patients were able to lose weight in a range of 15 to 90 kilos in a 6-month period. In the first month, an average of 5-10 kilos can be lost.

To reiterate, the main purpose of obesity treatments is to make it easier for the person to change their lifestyle in terms of nutrition and movement after the treatment. If the person does not change his lifestyle after the gastric balloon application, it is not possible to lose weight. In particular, he needs to change his eating habits.

The balloon made of silicone material is inflated with sterile water in the stomach by endoscopic methods or by swallowing only with water. During the time the balloon stays in the stomach, it occupies space and reduces the stomach volume and provides continuous satiety.

Depending on the type of gastric balloon, it can stay in the stomach for 4-12 months. At the end of this period, it is either excreted naturally or needs to be removed by endoscopy. A second application can be made again after a period of time given by the doctor.

Yes, our patients with gastric balloon can fast. However, they should pay attention to the nutritional conditions during this period.
You can find our article on this subject here.


You can have more information by examining the articles we have prepared about the gastric balloon application and after.

Food plate after gastric balloon nutrition sample

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Diet After Gastric Balloon The gastric balloon occupies space in the stomach, reducing the stomach volume and, due to its position, reduces the secretion of

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Elipse Swallowable Gastric Balloon (Allurion Gastric Balloon) is the world’s first gastric balloon that does not require endoscopy and anesthesia. It has the same effect and mechanism as other gastric balloons.

The swallowable gastric balloon is successfully applied as a non-surgical gastric reduction operation.

The swallowable gastric balloon stays in the stomach for a period of 4 months, then deflates by itself and is thrown out. During this time, you can lose about 10-15% of your weight. According to studies, most of the weight lost in the stomach balloon method is lost in the first 4 months. The effect in the next process is much less. However, the Allurion Weight Loss Program is a 6-month process and continues after the balloon is removed from the body.

allurion center of excellence 700x700 logosu.Allurion Center of Excellence

Allurion has chosen Op.Dr.Mehtap ERTÜRK clinic as the best clinic of Turkey in 2022-2023, Allurion Center of Excellence.

  • Allurion acknowledges its partner for its excellence in all aspects of Allurion Program.
  • Becoming a distinguished Center of Excellence means this clinic earned its status by always providing a best-in-class patient experience.
  •  It is this best-iniclass service that makes Allurion proud to have them as a Center of Excellence.
  • The clinic where the most Allurion balloons are applied in Turkey, the highest weight loss and weight loss rate with more than 1000 Allurion balloon applications and unique dietitian support.
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One of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to lose weight with gastric balloon application is which one is more advantageous and effective? Which one should I do?

The choice in this regard depends on the person. The mechanism of action in both balloons works exactly the same. In other words, reducing the stomach volume by taking up space in the stomach, giving the person a feeling of satiety and fullness, reducing the amount of food he takes at each meal and enabling him to lose weight.

Endoscopic gastric balloons are placed and removed with anesthesia. A swallowable gastric balloon is placed by swallowing a capsule with water. This provides an advantage for our patients who do not want to receive anesthesia during the application phase. Administration of the swallowable balloon is relatively easy for the patient. Since the patient is conscious, he can see the whole application phase. However, since the endoscopy is performed on the stomach before the placement of the balloon in the endoscopic balloon, possible stomach problems are completely seen. Esophagus and stomach problems that will prevent gastric balloon application are checked. The swallowable balloon is based on whether the patient has a verbal complaint.

The swallowable gastric balloon tracking system ensures that the patient’s weight and functions are constantly monitored. Thus, instant diet change or dietitian support is provided to be more active. In the endoscopic balloon, the patient should follow up himself and inform the dietitian.

The swallowable gastric balloon is a bit more costly. However, it is not necessary to apply to the clinic again after 6 months for removal.

Weight loss rates in both balloons are completely dependent on the person himself. It is seen that our willing patients who adapt to the given diet and adapt to changing their lifestyle get much better results.

Since the rate of weight loss in gastric balloons is at the maximum level in the first 4 months, the effect of the 4-month and 6-month period is not very effective in maintaining the habits and continuing to lose weight.


Gastric balloon application is a beginning in the treatment of obesity. Afterwards, effective follow-up and expert dietitian support are very important. To date, thousands of gastric balloon applications have been performed in our clinic. For reference, we have prepared a before and after gallery for those who have a gastric balloon.

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