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Vitamin And Mineral Supplement And Weight Control

Vitamin takviyesi için kullanılan haftalık ilaç kutusu

The Effect of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements  on Weight Control

Vitamin and mineral requirements are not same for everyone. All the nutrients required for a healthy life can be met with an adequate and balanced diet. However, it is recommended to use some vitamin and mineral supplements with the aim of being protective against common nutritional problems. Although the reasons for the use of nutritional supplements differ; protection from diseases, continuity of health, weight loss, increasing endurance in sports and vitamin or mineral deficiencies are the main reasons.

According to a study, losing or reaching the ideal weight were one of the top 20 reasons for using vitamin or mineral supplements. The frequently preferred suplements are plant extracts, dietary fibers, ready-made vitamins and minerals. Nutritional supplements used for weight loss can be both expensive and harmful to health or carry the risk of interacting with other drugs and nutrients. For this reason, before using these supplements; individuals with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, kidney or cardiovascular problems should consult healthcare professionals who are experts in their field.

Green Tea

yeşil çay bitkisi sepetteGreen tea, which is obtained from unfermented tea leaves, contains a large amount of catechin. Catechin affects the metabolism positively, providing decrease in body weight, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and an increase in HDL cholesterol levels.

Turmeric (Curcumin)

Zerdeçal Toz ve kök halindeTurmeric is used as an auxiliary herb in the treatment of various diseases in the Middle East and Asia. Curcumin has been shown to be beneficial in reducing body fat and weight with its effect on adipose tissue.


Krom elementinin periyodik tabloda gösteriliş şekliThe recommended daily intake is 25-35 mcg. Chromium deficiency symptoms include decreased insulin. Therefore, chromium deficiency can cause glucose intolerance and trigger the development of type 2 diabetes. In a study conducted for this purpose, it was stated that chromium supplementation reduces body fat percentage, supports increasing lean body weight and metabolic rate.


biberiye dalları tabak içindeRosemary is an evergreen tree and is often used as a spice. However, in many studies, it has been seen that it increases the excretion of fat with feces and has an anti-obesity mechanism. It has been proven by studies that it provides significant reductions in fasting blood sugar, total cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride levels.


Tarçın toz ve çubuk resmiCinnamon is often used in diseases such as gastrointestinal problems, decreased appetite, diabetes and bronchitis. Although it is thought that adding cinnamon bark to the diet has a glycemic regulating effect in diabetes patients, studies have not found a significant effect of cinnamon on body weight. While its use does not cause any side effects, it has been observed that some people have allergic reactions.

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