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How Long Does It Take For Stomach To Heal After Gastric Sleeve?

How Long Does It Take For Stomach To Heal After Gastric Sleeve?

How long is the recovery period after gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery, which is widely used in the treatment of obesity, is the beginning of life-long changes in nutrition and lifestyle in order to lose weight. With sleeve gastrectomy, also known as laparoscopic sleeve gastroctemy, the size of the stomach is significantly reduced.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a beginning in the weight loss journey. One of the most frequently asked questions by people who decide to have surgery is how much time they need for the surgery and recovery process. This is important for planning for this important step.

Therefore, in this article, we will try to give information about the process of sleeve gastrectomy and especially the recovery process after it.

How long will I stay in the hospital after gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve gastrectomy is a minimally invasive surgery as it is performed with advanced techniques and laparoscopic method. After the operation, you usually stay in the hospital for 3-4 days. During this period, you will be observed by expert personnel. Necessary medication will be provided under hospital conditions for side effects such as pain and nausea that may occur after surgery.

During the first 6 hours, the patient is not allowed to eat or drink anything. Smoking is strictly prohibited. After 6 hours, the patient can be allowed to drink water slowly. Some tests are performed to determine if there are any complications. If everything goes well, your doctor may recommend that you walk on the first day.

Necessary information is provided by the specialist dietitian and your doctor so that the patient can adapt to the lifestyle after hospital. If your doctor deems it appropriate, the patient is discharged and sent home.

How long does it take for your stomach to heal after sleeve gastrectomy?

Although the recovery process after sleeve gastrectomy varies from person to person, the general principle is that the rules given by the doctor and dietitian must be strictly followed.

It’s normal to feel tired after having major surgery and consuming very few calories. Your body will devote most of its energy to healing, so plan on getting some rest for the first few days you get home.

It is very important for patients to walk from the first day after surgery. Walking slowly increases blood circulation and prevents the formation of clots.

You can start driving after 1 week. For this, the condition of the wounds in the abdomen should also be taken into account.

Patients can usually return to work within 2 weeks after surgery. However, the most important factor affecting returning to work is the type of work done. While people working at a desk can return to their jobs more quickly, this period may be longer for jobs that require heavy effort. You should consult your doctor about this.

There is a difference between returning to normal daily activities and a full recovery. As time passes after the surgery, you will gradually be able to switch to eating more and a more active lifestyle. Within a few weeks, you will begin to feel less tired and return to your normal life. However, the incision and staple line in your stomach will continue to heal.

On average, it takes about 2-3 weeks for laparoscopy wounds on the abdomen to heal and 6-8 weeks for the gastric incision line to heal. After a month, most people can start a normal exercise routine.

Your success after sleeve gastrectomy or any bariatric surgery is a long-term journey and it is important to keep in touch with your doctor and dietitian. Please note that we cannot assist you if you do not follow the instructions given by our team or your follow-up appointments.

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