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10 Tips for Success With Allurion Elipse Balloon

Elipse yutulabilir mide balonunu ve kapsülü doktor elinde tutuyor

1. Don’t do it alone. Find your support team.

Hasta diyetisyen ile konuşuyorSuccess in changing habits  and behaviors is a team effort— from engaging well with your clinic’s coaching and support team to enlisting support and sharing your achievements with your friends and family. Although sometimes even our nearest and dearest can sabotage our diet and lifestyle goals without even realizing it, they can also be our most reliable support network. They will help you to reach your goals if you talk to them and involve them in your journey. 

You can also ask your clinic for an Allurion Buddy—someone else who is having an Allurion’s Elipse Balloon at a similar time, so that the two of you can support each other and swap tips and advice along the way.

2. Be clear with your goals.

Mapping out exactly what you want to achieve and why helps you to stay focused. It might be getting into a favourite dress, reducing the pain in your knees, or reducing the need for medications to manage conditions like type-2 diabetes.

Whatever it is, share it with your team and hatch a plan for how you will get there. The more detailed and specific your action plan, the more likely it is you will do it and stick with it. For most people, reaching a goal is addictive, as it provides you with an immense sense of achievement.

3. Set both short-term and longer-term goals!

Kilo kaybı için plan yapma ile ilgili resim. Not defteri ve kalem ile elma ve mezura var.For example, a short-term goal might be to swap your midafternoon snack for a piece of fruit each day this week, where your longer-term goal might be to lose 10 kg over the next 16 weeks. This means that when you achieve your goal, you proceed to set further targets, helping you to  constantly progress. Think of your goals as your destination; it’s where you want to be within a set time frame.

4. Change habits.

kadın hazır yemek yemek istemiyorA critical goal of the 16-week placement period is to form new habits. Habit-forming occurs when you repeat an action consistently over time. This helps something to become automatic or second nature, meaning it doesn’t feel hard to continue it over time.

The simpler an action is, the more likely it will become habit. Examples include always having a chopped apple on top of cereal or always ordering an additional side salad when eating out so you can fill up on this and eat less of the other options.

5. Eat healthier food.

Obezite Cerrahisi Sonrası Yasaklar ile ilgili resim. Kadın elma yerken pastayı reddediyor.You may need to change some of your daily habits. You also may need to change some things in your environment like your home or your place of work, your snacking, cooking methods, or your exercise routine.

You don’t need to make huge changes to eat healthier. And you don’t have to change your habits all at the same time. It’s best to set small goals and change your habits a little bit at a time. Over time, small changes will make a big difference in your health and will help you maintain your weight loss.

6. Plan ahead.

Planning ahead is a key part of staying on track. You can choose whether to do this each day or each week. Plan what meals you will have, what snacks, and the timings and amounts. This will allow you to prep some meals in advance to keep it easier. Make sure you have the right foods or ingredients at home that you’ll need, making you less vulnerable to poorer choices if and when you get hungry.

7. Track your progress.

allurion elipse programı aletleriKeep track of your food choices, activity levels, weight, and body fat on a frequent basis. This will help you see your changes over time and understand if and where things feel harder so you can problem-solve them with your  team. There are also several tools to help you track your progress, including the Allurion connected scale to measure your weight and body fat, communication apps to stay in touch with your team, and even a good old-fashioned diary for those who prefer pen and paper.

8. Track your emotions.

This is important and can help you identify reasons aside from hunger which lead to eating. This might be boredom, sadness, or stress. Understanding your triggers can help you put plans in place for managing these emotions in a healthier way. Make a list of distraction techniques for when boredom strikes and also soothing activities thatm you can do when you feel a craving coming on.

9. Don’t forget to reward and celebrate.

We all need treats and rewards, or else we end up feeling deprived and neglected, and that makes us want to give up. Many of us use food and drink for these rewards, which can slow down our weight-loss progress. Make a list of non-food rewards you can use for each victory and milestone reached. This can be as simple as a magazine you love or something more special like a trip or holiday.

10. Keep it simple

The simpler the plan, the higher the likelihood of success. Nothing is written in stone. Individualize and simplify to discover what works best for you.

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